Life on the Road: How to combine traveling and remote work

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Life on the Road: How to combine traveling and remote work

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will change your life? Join us for an exciting online event where we'll unravel the secrets of combining work and travel. Explore the world while earning a living from your laptop! If this dream has ever crossed your mind, then "Life on the Road" is the event for you.

During this webinar, you'll receive practical tips on working and traveling, as well as insights into creating your own business. Don't miss this chance to gain valuable knowledge – it's worth joining this webinar.

This webinar is completely FREE.

Hosted by: Bennu Community and Collabee

* Thu, Nov 16, 2023, 5:00 Pm (CET) | 4:00 Pm (UTC)

About the Speaker:

Natalia NogackaCEO and Founder of Collabee, Digital Marketing Specialist, and experienced digital nomad.

Event Overview:

In this webinar, Natalia Nogacka will share her remarkable journey and insights into the world of digital nomadism. You'll gain valuable knowledge about remote work, discover amazing destinations, and learn how to strike the perfect work-life balance while living life on the road.


A. Introduction

Get to know Natalia Nogacka and the exciting world of remote work and travel.

B. Natalia's Digital Nomad Journey: What Led Her to Choose This Lifestyle?

Explore the turning points and motivations that led Natalia to become a digital nomad and the founder of Collabee.

C. Key Experiences and Insights. Learn from Natalia's wealth of experience and expertise:

1. How Natalia Decided to Become a Digital Nomad as the Founder of Collabee

2. Is There a Typical Workday as a Digital Nomad?

3. Financial Security and Income

4. How to Stay Productive Using Productivity Tools and Technology

5. Overcoming Challenges

6. Favorite Destinations and Experiences

7. Staying Connected to the World, Both Personally and Professionally, While Traveling

8. Health and Safety Concerns

9. Advice for Aspiring Digital Nomads

10. Dealing with Differences in Terms of Cultural Sensitivity and Adaptation

11. Work-Life Balance Strategies

12. Recommended Resources and Communities

13. Travel Planning and Destination Choices

14. The Future of Remote Work and Digital Nomadism: Why communities such as Collabee and Bennu Community Matter!

15. Personal Growth and Life Perspective

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Life on the Road: How to combine traveling and remote work

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